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Your Life Needs a Pause Button

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Feeling overwhelmed? This will help.

I have a recent obsession… That obsession is growing my Twitter page. I’m hooked.

The problem of course is where do I fit this into my life?

I already have a full work load, I have gone back to school, I exercise every day, and I have my relationship to consider… If I am not careful, I will throw all of these other areas of my life off balance.

And that is the key word isn’t it? “Balance”

It’s that trendy word that influencers like to throw around with no explanation as to how to actually do it.

Here is how you do it.

Press the Pause Button in between activities. Do this especially when one of those activities happens to be an obsession.

Have some places to go, totally away from your work that you can spend some time with unpacking your thoughts. Turn off the notifications, and stay away from the feed. May I suggest 30 minutes to an hour? Mid-day is what works best for me.

Today I went to a lake here in Thailand, and walked around barefoot for a while. I listened to the birds and insects in the trees. I watched the water sparkle in the sunlight. I imagined how I would build a fortress on the island in the lake if these were still medieval times.

Strange? Yeah, but I have an imaginative mind.

This picture is similar to what I was imagining

Then I sat down on the grass and I wrote about everything.

I wrote everything I am grateful for,

I wrote my plans for the future,

I wrote about why all of the things other than my Twitter project are just as important, if not more important than my current obsession.

Some days when I happen to feel especially stressed, I’ll close my eyes and take three slow and deep breaths listening to my lungs fill up and empty of air and that helps.

These steps draw my focus, and willpower back to wanting to keep my life in balance. I think that some sort of daily reminder is important to keep me on track in all of the different priorities I have established in my life. I need something to help me remember why I want these things, or my motivation level will decrease with each passing day.

You have to look at it, or it will be forgotten.

If you have problems keeping things in balance, or keeping commitments, I suggest you try something similar.

When it was time to get back to work, I sat down peacefullytranquilly, focused 100% on my purpose. It was to take care of all my other work that was on my agenda. I took care of it without the compulsion to jump back on Twitter to create more content, or engage with followers.

In fact, I am still riding that focus-wave right now as I write this article for you.

A couple of calls to action I have for you, if you resonate with this message would be to

1. Get clear on the different priorities in your life, may I suggest your health, your work, your finances, your fun, and your relationships?

Set some goals in each.

2. Write a little blurb about each one daily.

Are you getting closer or further away from those goals? What are you going to do to take you closer to your vision that day?

3. Schedule time for each of these areas every single day, and take at least a few minutes to transition.

Press pause for a few minutes between priorities. That little bit of time invested, will go a long way with your performance when you get back to work. You will find that amazing insights and ideas come in these moments of decompression.

I appreciate you reading.

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