I have decided to start a country…

In light of the events of the past decade, I have determined that the world is in need of a new and modernized country.

My country will be founded on the principles of objective virtue and will utilize the best governing philosophies implemented through technological means. We are a nation grounded in objective Truth.

The currency of our country will be a gold-backed crypto system.

Citizenship is revocable, and only those who strive for the betterment of humanity may apply. Parasitic individuals will lose their citizenship through a trial conducted by their peers. However, during these early stages, I will oversee summary trials.

Citizenship in our country is to be considered synonymous with unreproachable conduct.

Citizenship offers numerous benefits, including access to comparable services such as streaming platforms and software that you are already using. Additionally, there will be some form of profit sharing or Universal Basic Income, high-quality education for your children, and the knowledge that you are a citizen of a country built on a foundation of excellence.

Initially, our country’s economy will be entirely digital, with Software as a Service (SAAS) serving as the primary driver of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). We will adopt a dollars and cents system similar to that of the United States.

The economy will have certain state-owned businesses that are of the common-wealth and generate revenue internationally to support our infrastructure as there will be no direct taxes on citizens (although visitors/non-citizens will be taxed 10%).

The rest of industry will be handled by private enterprise – leaving tremendous growth opportunity, again though – only citizens may engage in entrepreneurial activity under our flag.

We highly encourage excellence, drawing inspiration from the practices of ancient Greece, Rome, as well as contemporary democracies. We will also learn from history and dispose of ideas that time and trial has proven to be faulty.

Citizenship is currently granted on an as-needed basis as we develop our digital infrastructure. We encourage prompt sign-ups, as we anticipate high demand. The current requirements for citizenship are being driven, open-minded, knowledgeable, and ready to work. We welcome individuals of all nationalities.

Currently, we are in need of software engineers, digital designers, historians, mathematicians, and subject-matter experts. We are also open to influential people who operate with high-moral standards.

As resources and connections allow, we will acquire land and subsequently pursue international recognition and issue passports.

Our country will initially operate as a democratic monarchy, with the King’s vote carrying a weight of 35% of the total vote. This arrangement will remain in place until we can implement a non-corruptible technological solution to government, which will likely involve developing an incorruptible AI system (to prevent the tendency of human corruption).

Our international policy centers around bilateral trade deals that promote mutual benefit and direct commerce through the open market.

We will maintain absolute impartiality with other nation’s conflicts – we keep our minds on what we are doing and achieving higher levels of excellence as a nation, and as individuals.

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