Take care of your health – how to eat healthy food for all day energy

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Today I am going to talk about taking care of your health, and a certain scary situation that I had the other day where I didn’t know if I would live or die.

Sometimes when we are pushing for big results, we can forget to take care of your health.  I had a bit of a health scare the other day.  It was a result of years of chronic stress, and sleep deprivation.  I also hadn’t been eating as well as I know that I should have over the past year.  

I am back on the #stallionlifestyle by Steve Ramirez. It is the best way I have found to take care of your health.   Follow him @stallionlife on Instagram.

Follow him @stallionlife on Instagram. For me, this is the most incredible diet for energy, stamina, and mental clarity.  I had gotten lazy, but this morning I ate a bowl of raw veggies, eggs, and herbs.  I am feeling OUTSTANDING.  It is like coffee, only healthy.  It was important to me because my body almost literally shut down the other day.  I am doing it out of necessity, I suggest you do it out of initiative.  For more information on this diet you can watch my YouTube video on it by going through the link on my profile and going to my YouTube page from there.  I will also talk a little bit more about what happened to me to make me jump back on the health bandwagon, and also the stress reduction techniques I am now using in that video.

Until next time, take care of your greatest blessing…  The vehicle that you are riding in.
The reason I focus on creating positive inspiration so much is because I believe in YOU! I have a plan and it involves Inspiration, Motivation, and Strategy.

Until next time my friend,

J.R. Cook

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