How to overcome fear and take action toward a better future

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So you want to change your life, but you either don’t know where to start… Or even worse, you are afraid to start. I completely feel your pain. In this article I am going to show you exactly how to overcome fear easily, and kick start your Daily Victory Mindset.

It was 4;15 in the morning on November 2017, and I was running on the beach in Oceanside California. Why was I up so ridiculously early? Because it was the only time that I had that was sacred. The only time that I knew I wouldn’t have to sacrifice for my work.

Most mornings I was up working by 6, and didn’t finish working until around 10PM to Midnight. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a decent meal to eat at that time when you are absolutely ravished. Anyway, I knew that something had to change. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy my job.

I was partnered with a guy who had a great hookup to buy water heaters by the truckload. The basic business model was this: Blast a bunch of ads on craigslist, and drive all over Southern California alone delivering and installing them all day. It wasn’t the water heaters that I liked though, it was the people. I loved connecting with them but most of my time was spent driving and listening to personal development audio… I spent years like this.

After Doing My Morning Ritual in the Desert During One of My Rare Times Off

That was until that morning when I was running on the beach doing what I called, “My Time With God.” I was going through a morning ritual progression that I had learned from Tony Robbins that was really helping keep me sane at the time. It suddenly struck me that I couldn’t keep living that way. Something had to change… My body couldn’t physically keep running on 4 hours of sleep, 10 hours of driving, 2 hour sprees of activity as I installed water heaters, and Panera Bread…

Suddenly like a flash of lightning, THAILAND came into my mind. I had never thought of moving to Thailand before, but the idea stuck and grew throughout my day. I started to visualize playing with elephants, exploring ancient temples, and living a life of freedom. The only problem was… I didn’t see a clear path to get me there.

There was a a belief though that I held onto constantly. That I could achieve anything that I set my mind to, so I decided to test that theory. I decided that I would move to Thailand by summer.

That is when the fear set in….

How I Overcame My Fear, and Took Action Daily

It was actually extremely challenging because of my workload to find the time to build a second business on the side. It was hard enough just to hold onto my sanity to work so much 7 days per week… Let alone find the courage and energy to do EVEN MORE WORK on top of that.

A principle that is important to remember during this journey.

Another fear of mine was to lose all the money that I had been working so hard for years to save. I would have to invest all of it in this endeavor, and if it failed… I didn’t know what I would do.

Also, I didn’t have a passport, I had lost my birth certificate a few years back, and I had only ever left the country to go to Japan for two years when I was in the Marines. I didn’t know anything about visas, conduct in foreign countries, or how much it would cost me.

I had gotten into some trouble in the months after getting out of the Marines back in 2012 too, would they even let me leave the country? I didn’t know, but I pushed all of that aside in favor of my blind belief that anything is possible if I am truly committed.

The truth is though, the only way I was able to pull it off was what I have now come to call The Daily Victory Mindset. It is a set of rituals that I go through every day no matter what. My morning ritual being the most important, but an evening ritual is a close second.

I didn’t know it at the time, but what was really happening was I was conditioning my mind to focus on certain thought patterns over and over again.

These were the types of thoughts that inspired action. I’d ask myself every morning as I finished my run:

What are 3 things that I would like to see done today that will take me in the direction of my goal of moving to Thailand?

That forced my mind to think of progress first thing every day. Did I always achieve those 3 items? No I didn’t. But I tried to at least accomplish the most important task of the day. It didn’t need to be perfect, the results?

I ended up landing in Bangkok International Airport, and have been living mostly in Thailand for the past two years. Whatever your dream is for you is possible too, but only if you learn to overcome fear, and take action daily.

I’m not special, in fact… I think you can likely pull off whatever freedom looks like to you easier than I did.

I am both cursed and blessed with an artists mindset. It is easy for me to focus on beauty, I reflect on philosophy, and I value wisdom. That is great for what I do now. I’m the type of guy who will write all day about philosophical concepts out of sheer intrinsic motivation. But at the time, I was creating an Amazon business… Which was a slightly different animal.

That meant I was constantly talking to suppliers in China, getting logos made in the Philippines, talking to models in San Diego, and trying to get all of this done while working mostly 10-20 hour days.

The rare day that things were slow, I would feel like resting but I couldn’t… I felt like writing but I couldn’t… I stayed obsessed with the possibility that I could actually pull it off.

You likely have a more practical mindset than I do. I think around 80% of people do. That means you will identify opportunities differently, and likely work on them without the severe mental blocks that I have. I also didn’t have me to guide me through the transition, I was flying in the dark.

You also probably have more time than I did… a LOT more time to build something that can sustain you as you go out and enjoy your life.

So what are the practical steps I can take to consistently overcome fear and take the right kinds of actions every day to achieve my major goals or dreams in life?

I’m going to suggest you do exactly what I did. This was exactly the process I used to be able to overcome fear of failure, and take consistent action toward my dream, even though it was very difficult in my situation work-wise.

  1. Start your day a little earlier than usual, preferably before the sun comes up so you can have some time alone.

    You’ll need around 30-60 minutes. Just set your alarm a little earlier, and sleep a little sooner. If you are like I was, and don’t have time to sleep earlier… The benefits are worth the reduction of sleep time.
  2. During this time, go for a quick run, 10-15 minutes is fine

    Start to walk before you run. Think of three things that you are grateful for, and why you are grateful for them. This will begin to train your focus toward all the positive things in your life. This is an important thing when it comes to dictating your behavior and attitude throughout the entire day.

    The walking in running gets your blood flowing to your body, and most importantly to your brain. This will make you sharper, and more capable throughout your entire day.
  3. As you run, do some chanting. (This is why I said get up before sunrise so no one will think you are crazy!)

    I’m not talking about anything religious here. The chanting will get you pumped up, and help to etch what you know that you want intellectually into your subconscious, which is what actually ends up inspiring new thoughts and actions for you throughout the day. It is in the chanting that you basically set up the line of Dominos that is your stream of thoughts throughout the day.

    Here are some examples:

    Every day in every way I am feeling better and better.

    I am so grateful and happy now that money flows to me in increasing quanitities, from multiple sources, on a continuous basis.

    I am an unstoppable force of limitless power.

    Challenges, merely sharpen my blade, so I chop through challenges YES!

    You can start with the above… But you will find that your own will start to appear in your consciousness as you run. Just chant what makes you feel proud, powerful, limitless, and unstoppable.
  4. After you run and do your neural programming (chanting), think of the 3 things that you want to accomplish that day in a state of absolute confidence and energy.

    What this will do for you is something profound. The goals that you set first thing in the morning after an energizing 15 minutes of walking, running, and chanting will be far more powerful than the goals for the day that you set after you are exhausted from work and just want to open up a frothy craft beer.

    So much of the game of success in life is psychological… You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you the percentage that I think psychology plays above actual know-how.
  5. Get to work on the most important thing right away.

    Ok you are allowed to get coffee first, but wait for breakfast until AFTER. If you can take care of the most important thing on your task list BEFORE WORK, then you are already winning the game.

    When you go to work that day after already exercising, chanting, setting goals, and already achieving one of them…. You will be operating at a higher capacity than probably anyone at your job (including probably your boss.) You will seriously notice the difference too. It will be a big boost to your self-confidence.

    Working first thing also gives you the opportunity to act as you are still coasting on that strong feeling of unstoppable confidence that you manufactured with your running and chanting in the morning. Going to work all day and hearing people’s negativeness, and every reason in the world why life is a horrible thing isn’t exactly going to give you the optimism and courage to take action on your dreams when you get home.
  6. Rinse and repeat…

    Do this process every day until you get what you want. It took me 6 months to build a internet business, remove myself from the water heater business, and drive all my possessions from California, to my brother in Tulsa Oklahoma.

    That includes that cold November morning running on the beach, to touching down in Thailand. When I landed I thought to myself, “Suckers… You have no idea who you just let into your country.” haha

    The next day they had a crazy guy from California running up and down the streets of Bangkok chanting “All I Need Is Within Me NOW!”

Is it really that simple to overcome fear?

Yes, I believe it truly is… Now stop procrastinating and get your ass up in the morning. You know you have been meaning to get into shape anyway. Also getting up before anyone else will give you the luxury of avoiding the Corona virus and the police telling you to stay inside which is currently happening as I write this.

Mark down what you want to achieve, and start to use this process every day. It will take you to the promise land.

To your success,

JR Cook | Chiang Mai Thailand

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