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Find Happiness Today | How To Enjoy Your Life

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I love people, I love adventure, and I love truth. I try to make all 3 a priority in my life. It is my recipe for happiness. In this article we are going to discover how to find your own recipe for happiness, and how to enjoy your life by making it a priority.

Sometimes we have to get brutally honest with ourselves. Are the decisions we are currently making, delivering a life we are happy, or even satisfied with?

What kind of man are my habits turning me into?

If I continue in this direction, where will I be next year at this time?

If you dig into those questions, you may find an idea that changes everything.

1. Start With Yourself

When I began digging into my beliefs, I was shaken. It was humbling to realize how many different beliefs I had that was holding me back in so many ways. Here is a short walk through on how to begin to recognize limitations within ourselves. Once identified, we are able remedy them.

Begin by taking some time to think about what a happy life would really like look for you. Write it down in as much detail as possible. Think about different areas of your life.

What kind of friends would you have? How often would you guys have fun together?

  • What kind of family life would you like to have?
  • What kind of financial life would you want to have?
  • What kind of health would you be in?
  • What would you look like?
  • What would you physically be able to do?

Write down your list now.

Now that you have your list, reread each of your answers. As you reread, ask yourself the following question with each answer:

What is stopping me from having this right now?

Just write down your beliefs

Now that you have written down your beliefs, go down your list asking yourself if these beliefs are really true. Could you find a way around any of these difficulties if you were really committed?

If you had someone threaten to kill you or one of your family members… Could you find a way to make this vision of your life happen?

I’m betting you would find a way.

2. Planning and Easy Daily Steps

It is really pretty simple to enjoy your life. Happiness is really found in the little things. If you did the assignment above, you now have a blueprint of what a happy successful life would look like to you. Now is time to bring it into action. Here is the simplest way to systematize adding more happiness and achievement into my life.

You are going to want to wake up a little earlier each morning and take a look at that list you just made. Pick one or two areas that you feel like you really want to work on that day and ask yourself,

“How could I see progress made on this while enjoying myself at the same time?”

Try to take the action immediately, or morning time at least. Once the afternoon hits… It is harder for most of us psychologically to get into a productive mood. If you have the means, see if you can outsource the completion of these tasks with an employee.

3. Happiness and enjoying your life is a long-term game

But what about work?

If you aren’t feeling satisfied or happy in your work life, there are a couple of things to take a look at.

If are working for someone, adjust your attitude first and see if you perspective of the situation changes. Make sure what you are telling yourself about your employer and your job is actually true, and your not just projecting your personal frustrations into the workplace.

If you get to that point, it may be time to get some courage and seek alternative employment… Or better yet, create a product to sell online and just do away with having a boss entirely.

As an entrepreneur:

I am a guy who naturally wants to work and work and work until I 100% burn out and am useless for a week, or weeks. It is a leftover effect from the training that I received in the Marines. This may seem like a positive, but it is actually a net negative. I spend a lot of time recovering mentally and physically from 10-15 day long working stretches of little sleep or food. It just isn’t healthy.

If you are the type of person like me, who runs sprints in your life, perhaps playing catch up from procrastination. I suggest trying an alterative approach that has helped me enormously.

It is the idea of maintaining a slow, but steady pace on projects. I have found that I actually get a lot more work done long-term with this strategy. I also end up happier while I enjoy my life, almost every day! It really is the key to having it all in your life.

Stop trying to sprint… Keep a slow steady pace, but don’t stop. Never stop. Life change doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does success. Happiness is a long-game, and the truth is that it isn’t a destination. It isn’t just some island you can fly to, or some drug you can take.

Happiness is found in the journey of improvement.

A last thought:

Every morning refocus your mind on what it is you are currently trying to achieve, and think of an achievable step you can take to move forward that day. Read that list, and ask yourself what 2-3 things that you can do to bring that lifestyle closer to a reality.

I usually focus on the areas that I think need the most work at the moment.

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As always, thanks for reading,

JR Cook

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