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Looking for the most amazing beautiful and epic sounding music playlist ever?

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This happens to be my number 1 favorite dynamic, relaxing music playlist. I have listened to this for years. Tune into this video and relax with this beautiful music playlist.

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I have been listening to this mix now for years and wanted to share it with my audience. This has helped me get through difficult times, and has been there with me for great times.

This beautiful music playlist just gets better and better.… Don’t forget to subscribe.

Make sure you stick with it, about 45 minutes in things get pretty powerful. If you are looking for a dramatic playlist to help you get more done and be more productive, this is your list.

Enjoy the elements of violin, piano, electronic, percussion, and more. This is the perfect beautiful music playlist to study, work, or relax.

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Beautiful Mind-Travis A.King
No Time Like Now-Utopian Sounds 4:32
Angel Dust-Duke Starwalker (Kamoto Remix) 7:45
Laced In Love-(Stripped Mix)Travis A.King 10:55
Indigo-Travis A.King 14:17
Creation-Travis A.King 17:12
Utopia-Duke Starwalker 21:28
In Heaven-Duke Starwalker 28:38
You Are An Angel-Duke Starwalker 36:12
Release-Utopian Sounds 41:03
Mosaic-Duke Starwalker 51:14
Tropical Getaway-Duke Starwalker 56:11
Journey To Source-Duke Starwalker 1:38:03
Fantasy Island-Duke Starwalker 1:53:42
Angel Dust-Duke Starwalker 2:52:33
Jungle Lullaby-Duke Starwalker 3:29:00
Spindles-Utopian Sounds 3:44:25
Paradox-Utopian Sounds 3:54:00

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