Life Becomes More
When You Become More

Experience More Of The Good Things In Life…

The 21 Day Character Upgrade
21 days to become a better person
21 days to live a better life

Join me for the next 21 days...

We will cover:

  • Self Care and Self Love
  • Find Freedom and Comfort
  • Reduce Anxiety By Finding Inner Peace
  • Let Go of Resentment and Truly Forgive Yourself and Others
  • Learn how to manage anger and even prevent it
  • The 10 Second Happiness Meditation
  • Access to the 21 Days Facebook Group For Lifelong Success
  • Set and achieve your goals
  • Seriously so much more…  Each day for 21 Days will enhance an area of your life.

I am so confident in this product that if you aren’t 100% Satisfied… I will give you Money Back No Questions Asked

How Does it work?

Each day I provide you with a video lesson and a simple 10 minute assignment that is designed to laser focus on delivering results in key areas of life. 

Your job is to simply watch the video, review the bullet points, and do the assignment.  You will be amazed at the life change that is possible.  


I have refined this process over the past 5 years, and have packed all of it into 21 Days.

3 Phases of imrovement

Now is the time for change

I had a time in my life where I would put things off.  Now I believe that “Some Day” is a thief that will take your dreams to the grave with you.  There will never be a better time to start improving than today.

Getting Clear On What we really want

There was a time when I didn't even know where to start with my relationships. I felt lost and confused. Why couldn't I just make it work? Why couldn't I be enough?
This phase is designed to repair these relationships and get you feeling better about yourself and other human beings.

becoming a better person

Confidence in this area is one of the most important factors in not only happiness, but also effective living, and self confidence. This phase is a period of tremendous personal growth.

living a better life

This phase is all about integrating, and learning new habits that will cause this to last for years to come. Now that you have made the change, what are you going to do with the improved version of you?
Also get access to our private 21 Days Facebook community and interact directly with me and other people who want to improve their lives.

From the Author of Stop Procrastinating, Start Living

I am a philosopher who primarily studies how to help people make their lives work better.  I believe that life change starts from within, and help people take a fresh new look at their lives. Life change starts with personal improvement.

I went from a kid who was raised to be a criminal by his parents, to someone who now travels the world finding ways to help people.

I probably would have been voted least likely to succeed had I not been kicked out of school.  If I can change, so can you.

I am so confident in this product that if you aren’t 100% Satisfied… I will give you a no questions asked Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't 100% satisfied... I'll give you a prompt refund and let you keep the product... No Questions Asked

Why Do I Do This?

I remember being desperate for answers. 13 years later I have found many. I am still traveling the world and learning from ancient source docs to modern day thinkers. I created this course to share what I has already transformed the quality of my life. I know it can do the same for you.


Q:  Where can I watch the videos from the course?

A:  You can watch the videos on any smartphone or computer that has internet access.

Q:  Does this even work?

A:  Yes, I don’t sell snake oil.  It works on a pretty simple principle actually.  Essentially what I am providing here is a guidance for your attention once per day for the next 21 days.  We will be focusing on, and doing things that perhaps might not have been a part of your life for a long time.  These are exercises and habits that have proven themselves time and time again to improve people’s characters, and change people’s lives.

Q:  What is the catch with the free trial.  Do I have to give you my credit card info?

A:  I do not require credit card information for the 3 Day Trial.  I do however suggest purchasing the whole course and starting there if you have the means to do it.  This is a product that I really believe in.

Q:  Is there any kind of money back guarantee?

A:  Yes, I will give you a full no questions asked refund any time let me know within 30 days after purchase.  I will also send you the entire course for FREE.  That is how confident I am that you will love this product.  Feel free to email me directly at:  [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.


I am a philosopher and adventure artist.  I enjoy writing and speaking about topics that I think improve the world as a whole.  Currently preparing to sail around the world and report my findings at