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21 Days to Be a Better Person

Module 1Part 1: Getting Clear
Unit 1Day 0: My Personal Message To You
Unit 2Day 1: Why Are You Here?
Unit 3Day 2: What Is My Target?
Unit 4Day 3: Your Daily Reminder
Module 2Become a Better Person
Unit 1Day 4: Make Peace
Unit 2Day 5: Forgive Yourself
Unit 3Day 6: Forgive Others
Unit 4Day 7: Love Yourself
Module 3Live a Better Life
There are no units in this module.
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The Power of Focus

Module 1Get Your Power of Focus Ebook Here
Unit 1Step 1: Download Your Book
Module 2Video Training
Unit 1Part 1: Focus Defined
Unit 2Part 2: Escaping the Busy Trap
Unit 3Part 3: Reclaiming Your Time
Unit 4Part 4: Seize the Benefits of Being Focused
Unit 5Part 5: How to Focus Like the Elites
Unit 6Part 6: Strategies to Build Unbreakable Focus
Unit 7Part 7: Why To Focus On One Thing At A Time
Unit 8Part 8: Online Tools For Greater Focus
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